the photo journal + misc. news of Emma Kisiel


Le Cimetière des Chiens

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle



Tot Zover

Oregon Dunes, Part 2

Oregon Dunes, Part 1

Victoria, BC: Part 2

Victoria, BC: Part 1

Lawrence, Three Years Later

Lucas, KS

Silver Dollar Farms

Two Dogs

St. Louis / City Museum

Pinnacles National Park

Butterfly Sanctuary / Point Pinos

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Winchester Mystery House

Mount Rainier National Park, Part 2

Mount Rainier National Park, Part 1


To the Tetons


Colorado: Denver Aquarium

Colorado: Bishop Castle

Colorado: Pet Rest

Colorado: May Museum

Colorado: Home

FDRT Part 6: iPhone Photos

FDRT Part 5: Antler Shed, Missoula & Coeur d’Alene

FDRT Part 4: Grand Teton

FDRT Part 3: Yellowstone Northern Loop

FDRT Part 2: Yellowstone Southern Loop

FDRT Part 1: Miracle of America Museum

Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery


Old Trapper’s Lodge, Tar Pits, Various LA

Patsy Winners / Bunny Museum

Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium

Faithful Friends & Smoke Rise Farm

Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project

Petland Memorial Gardens


Pet Rest


Fall in the Pacific Northwest

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Shep & Denver Pet Cemetery

Denver – Botanic Gardens

Seattle Pet Cemetery

Olympic Game Farm

Olympic Peninsula


Christmas / Issaquah

Redwoods Part 4 / Up the Oregon Coast

Redwoods Part 3: Prairie Creek and the National Park

Redwoods Part 2: Jed Smith & Del Norte

Redwoods Part 1: To California / Crescent City / Thanksgiving

Mount St. Helens

Bellingham + Vancouver

Whale Watching

Massacre Rocks, Part 2

Massacre Rocks, Part 1

Woodland Park Zoo

LA / Disneyland

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Annenberg Lecture + Los Angeles

Seattle & Sauvie

The Interim, Part 2

To Oregon / The Interim, Part 1

Wild Animal Safari

Colorado by iPhone

Missouri Ozarks Camping

A Short Trip to Colorado

Around Home + to St. Louis

WNY, Surprising My Mom

Misc. New Orleans & Heading Home

Audubon Insectarium

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Abita Mystery House

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Driving South / To Memphis

To North Carolina

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

OR/CO by iPhone

Oregon Coast, Part 3

Oregon Coast, Part 2

Oregon Coast, Part 1

Christmas in the Forest

The American Museum of Natural History

New York




Riverside Wildlife Center

Meramec Caverns