the photo journal + misc. news of Emma Kisiel


Lava Hot Springs / Colorado



Olympic Peninsula

To Washington for the Truck

Green Springs


Europe by iPhone


Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

Grant Museum of Zoology

ZSL London Zoo

Natural History Museum


Ménagerie, le Zoo du Jardin des Plantes

Le Cimetière des Chiens

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle



Tot Zover

Oregon Dunes, Part 2

Oregon Dunes, Part 1

Victoria, BC: Part 2

Victoria, BC: Part 1

Lawrence, Three Years Later

Lucas, KS

Silver Dollar Farms

Two Dogs

St. Louis / City Museum

Pinnacles National Park

Butterfly Sanctuary / Point Pinos

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Winchester Mystery House

Mount Rainier National Park, Part 2

Mount Rainier National Park, Part 1


To the Tetons


Colorado: Denver Aquarium

Colorado: Bishop Castle

Colorado: Pet Rest

Colorado: May Museum

Colorado: Home

FDRT Part 6: iPhone Photos

FDRT Part 5: Antler Shed, Missoula & Coeur d’Alene

FDRT Part 4: Grand Teton

FDRT Part 3: Yellowstone Northern Loop

FDRT Part 2: Yellowstone Southern Loop

FDRT Part 1: Miracle of America Museum

Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery


Old Trapper’s Lodge, Tar Pits, Various LA

Patsy Winners / Bunny Museum

Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium

Faithful Friends & Smoke Rise Farm

Cedar Hill Pet Memorial Project

Petland Memorial Gardens


Pet Rest


Fall in the Pacific Northwest

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Shep & Denver Pet Cemetery

Denver – Botanic Gardens

Seattle Pet Cemetery

Olympic Game Farm

Olympic Peninsula


Christmas / Issaquah

Redwoods Part 4 / Up the Oregon Coast

Redwoods Part 3: Prairie Creek and the National Park

Redwoods Part 2: Jed Smith & Del Norte

Redwoods Part 1: To California / Crescent City / Thanksgiving

Mount St. Helens

Bellingham + Vancouver

Whale Watching

Massacre Rocks, Part 2

Massacre Rocks, Part 1

Woodland Park Zoo

LA / Disneyland

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Annenberg Lecture + Los Angeles

Seattle & Sauvie

The Interim, Part 2

To Oregon / The Interim, Part 1

Wild Animal Safari

Colorado by iPhone

Missouri Ozarks Camping

A Short Trip to Colorado

Around Home + to St. Louis

WNY, Surprising My Mom

Misc. New Orleans & Heading Home

Audubon Insectarium

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Abita Mystery House

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Driving South / To Memphis

To North Carolina