We were planning on doing the London Zoo on the last day of our trip, only if we had time. But while we were in Paris, I got an email making it possible for us to do something in London that I’d really wanted to do – but we had to change our plans. Anyway, I’m so glad we went to the zoo for two reasons. 1. As zoos go, it’s a really engaging and fascinating place, and we kept pondering things about it for days. 2. Nathaniel doesn’t necessarily love going to all the zoos I tend to plan our trips around visiting for my art, and this one made an impression on him! He was a fan. As a last note on the terribly inconvenient illness I had, this was definitely the day of the trip when I felt the most sick, and it was super distracting. The zoo is big. I think we saw most everything, but in an area with some of the most interesting animals and exhibits, I felt so sick that I had to stop to sit down every couple minutes. I was miserable. Like, there was a sloth so close to my face and I couldn’t even really enjoy it.

Things to note:
• I loved the penguin area so much. You could have left me there all day. Even if there weren’t any penguins around, honestly. I would love to be a penguin at the London Zoo.
• It was very neat to see the old penguin enclosure and read about it. You don’t often see zoo or museum history preserved in that way.
There are lodges at this zoo where you can spend the night!
• We got to see where a Harry Potter scene was filmed. Of course, that was cool.
• I thought the night life area was great. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it at a zoo before.
• There really was a sloth, just, like, in a tree inside a building, outside of some enclosures (it’s kind of hard to tell in the photo – second from the bottom). There was a person associated with the zoo standing by it, but I just couldn’t believe it. Definitely never seen that before.