The weekend before we moved, my camera finally let me know it could not make it any longer without repair (it had been fussy since our Oregon trip) and I reluctantly sent it away for repair. In the meantime I’ve just been using my iPhone. I never thought I’d be one of those people who said how refreshing it is to be without a camera, but it was pretty nice there for a while. But now I am tired of using my iPhone because it feels like so much work! Anyway, here’s what life’s looked like since we arrived in Colorado.

“Captions,” if you will: Our three cats seem happy in the room they’re staying in off the garage, but they enjoy the backyard, too. We wasted no time before going to Fargo’s and Albertaco’s (and Louie’s, not pictured). We were in Colorado four days before we headed up to the mountains to keep an eye on Therese and Garett’s house/cat over the 4th. It is so beautiful there and although I had been thinking of the time as an opportunity to do nothing but search and apply for jobs in Oregon, we made time to get out and do lots of stuff, too. Ian and Angie came up for a night and on the morning of the 4th we went to Buena Vista for breakfast and exploring. Then Nat and I went to Fairplay for fireworks, which were great! Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave, we discovered these BABY MICE behind the house! They were so cute! Then we hiked some of the Colorado Trail at Kenosha Pass. It was just gorgeous, maybe my new favorite place in all of Colorado. We also walked some of a trail on Cline Ranch, and then drove back to the Forest. The last pictures are from this morning; it is so foggy here today. I love it.

We’ve seen so much pretty stuff, it seems dumb that I was without my camera. UPS tells me it’s actually on track to be delivered back to me today (we also bought a point-and-shoot, because we had no idea how long my DSLR would be gone, but that’s another story), so we’re good for leaving for Oregon tomorrow morning! (!!!)