Cody’s Saturday morning walk was on the Old South Kelsey Trail, not far from our cabin and recommended by our host. We didn’t get very far before the stream cut across our path (the area had a ton of rain while we were there), so we got in the car and headed back down toward Klamath, stopping to look at some darlingtonia on the way out (the ranger at the visitor center the previous day was telling us all about them and where to go to see them, and Nat ended up spotting some right on the side of the road near our cabin! They are really neat carnivorous plants). In Klamath, we did the Tour Thru Tree and drove around a bit to find the Douglas Memorial Bridge Memorial. When we got to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, we tried to get to the Trail-Through-Trees trailhead, but the Cal Barrel Road access was closed due to the wet weather so we couldn’t make it all the way there. The road was beautiful, though, so we stopped and let Cody out and walked around for a while before driving to the visitor center to do the Nature Trail. Even that one we had to do out and back instead of the loop because the water was so high at the creek crossing.

We drove south to Orick, where we stopped to see the Big Diamond Historical Marker (a memorial to a circus elephant that died there in 1927; when its bones were dug up years later, it was identified as a mastodon until some informed locals set the record straight). From that point on it was really raining. We stopped in at the Kuchel Visitor Center on the coast and chatted with rangers about pinecones for a while, then decided to do the Lady Bird Johnson Grove Loop. I took my Fuji instead of my Canon (since, as I always have to remind myself, avoiding taking my Canon out in wet weather is exactly why I have the Fuji) and of course, it ended up being my favorite trail of the trip. It was so foggy and misty and just gorgeous.

That was our last full day in the Redwoods! I have to say that the Best Short Hikes in Redwood National and State Parks book I got from the library was super helpful in determining which hikes were shortest/easiest/best during our rainy two-day trip. I’m really glad we got to do trails in each of the four parks. I’d love to go back and do much more in the summertime.