The last of the trip photos! I basically use my iPhone as a wide-lens camera, and since I’m always trying to take video for my 1 Second Everyday project, I have my phone out with the camera app open a lot of the time. So what you’re seeing here:

• The Museum of Un-Natural History in Walla Walla
• Maria in her studio / the Jim Dine sculpture outside the art building on the Whitman campus
• Cody just as worried as my dad was about the lack of fueling stations between Walla Walla and Ritzville / The view from our campground in Coeur d’Alene
• My dad with the Montana Trout Aquarium at the St. Regis Travel Center / The Mission Mountains of Montana, as told about by Lauren
• The Miracle of America Museum, outside and in
• My dad with his people
• The Fishing Bridge visitor center, in all its animal-themed glory
• Cottonwood fluff on our walk in South Park / An “unkindness” of ravens
• Me in the Antler Shed
• Fog at dusk on the drive north from Missoula
• Using a dump station! My dad was proud and asked me to take this photo.
• Downtown Coeur d’Alene, where you can walk into the lake
• Yours truly and Jimmy Jello outside Gross Donuts in Coeur d’Alene

I need to mention somewhere on here: I saw the Animals’ Trail of Western Montana on this trip! We didn’t stop driving to get out and see it since we were already behind schedule, so I only took pictures on my Fuji point-and-shoot. It was really cool to finally see it after years of reading about it (I learned about it when I was doing research for my BFA thesis). Maybe Nathaniel and I will stop to see it when we do essentially the exact same drive back to Grand Teton NP in the fall! I’m speaking at a conference and Dan and my sister are meeting us there for the weekend. Other things we could see since my dad and I didn’t have time for them: the wall of conserved elk heads at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/Elk Country Visitor Center, the grave of Old Pitt, the elephant killed by lightning, at the Beaverhead County Fair, etc. If you couldn’t tell, this was a really amazing trip! I’m so glad my dad and I were finally able to make it happen.