I can’t believe I drove to North Carolina and made it home within a 48-hour period over the weekend. Stephanie and I left Lawrence by 5am Friday and rolled in to Wilmington around 5pm Sunday. Saturday we drove for 23 hours! We had planned to drive straight through but that would have put us in to Stephanie’s new home in the middle of the night and we didn’t want to wake her roommates. So somewhere in Georgia while I was looking around on a map I saw Hilton Head, SC, and remembered my cousin who had a few times and recently invited me visit her any time. I’m sure she didn’t mean 4am and for a 4-hour stay, but she and her sweet daughter I was so excited to finally meet are gracious souls. When we woke up, we headed to Charleston, SC, to look around and have lunch, then Wilmington to move Stephanie in, see the ocean for a minute, and get me to the airport. In the end it was 27 hours of driving over two days.

Weather was really only bad in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. We missed just about all of Georgia driving through the night, and I actually didn’t see much of North Carolina at all cos I was able to get an hour or two of sleep while Steph drove, but we got to see quite a bit of South Carolina and I thought it was really beautiful. We stopped at Carolina Cherry Company and learned about the Old Sheldon Church ruins, two miles from the highway. They were amazing. I also loved Charleston and the place where we stopped for lunch. Wilmington is a great little town and I think Steph’s going to love living there. I’m so happy for her!

Stephanie wanted to get a ring from each state on the journey and we really had fun with it. We skipped Georgia, but oh well!

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