So before I get into my trip to Los Angeles, I should say that I’m skipping over Valentine’s Day not because it wasn’t awesome but because I hardly took any pictures. Nat and I got couples massages and spent the day at the spa. It was amazing and Nat gave me a Dala horse with our name on it, which is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

Back in September, I was invited to give a lecture at the Annenberg Space for Photography. Despite my fears about public speaking, it was an incredible opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and I spent many hours from mid-December on working on the talk I would give February 18. Wednesday of last week, Nat and I flew to LA and met Dan and then my sister. We spent most of Thursday by the hotel pool that we had to ourselves, walked around and got some food, and then in the evening I gave my talk. I’m so honored to have the support of my friends and family and many wonderful, curious folks who attended and stayed after to chat with me. After the lecture, we got drinks with old and new friends and then retreated to the hot tub to finish off a totally surreal day. This experience was definitely one for the books.

My lecture was live streamed and I heard from many that it cut out before the end; if you want to watch the edited video, you can view it here. (I wasn’t surprised that the part where I had to switch microphones was edited out, so you can’t hear me joke about how I couldn’t get rid of the body pack for the wireless mic because it was in my shorts under my dress, hahaha [but for my own memory/embarrassment, I recorded that part before the video was removed from the live stream page.])

I always kind of swore off LA and never thought I’d even visit, but the trip was pretty great and we got to do so much. Lots of pictures to come.