On Tuesday, we went from Bridge Bay to the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center, which had so much neat old taxidermy, to the Storm Point trailhead. The trail was supposed to be a loop, but it was closed toward the end due to flooding. I feel like the out-and-back of it made it longer, but it was a good hike. My dad and I both felt sufficiently tired out when we got back to the RV. We were sitting in the front getting settled and Cody was looking out the back window at the road when he started to do his famous “boofing.” There were a couple bison crossing the road right behind the RV, so my dad and I jumped up to take some photos. There were three bison starting to fight and run, and they ran right down the trail we had just been on moments before! I can’t imagine how I would have felt if I’d seen them running toward me on the trail, bear bells on and my dad with bear spray in hand. (Also, at the turnaround point, where we were all alone since most people turned around quite a ways before the trail was flooded, my dad made me freeze and stay silent cos he heard a very close sound like a horse snorting, and I was like ummm staying here and being quiet is exactly the opposite of what we need to do right now?!)

We started our drive north and stopped to photograph some bison that were lying down close to the road. I got to use my zoom lens for the first time! I bought it just for the trip and it was pretty dinky, but I was glad to have it on more than one occasion. We stopped at Artist Point just to look around, then continued on, driving up and down Mt Washburn. Not surprisingly, the altitude really affected me. We went to look at Tower Fall and had planned on doing a short hike there, but I was feeling so crummy that we just walked around the general store and got back in the RV. On the drive to Mammoth there was a bit of slowdown and we were trying hard to figure out what folks were looking at, and when I pulled out my binoculars we got to see a coyote attacking a pronghorn! Well, it was chasing it around. It was pretty exciting.

In Mammoth, we went in to the visitor center, had dinner at the hotel’s dining room, and walked around the hot springs a little bit. We were both pretty pooped from a busy day, so we headed to our campground at Canyon Village. On the drive there, we saw a big herd of bison walking along the road! We stopped and took lots of pictures of them, and a bull elk that was walking along the other side of the road a little ways up. That was probably the coolest part of the trip up to this point. That and all the ladybugs I saw on the beach at Storm Point :)