Once upon a time, I drove from Lawrence to St. Louis to visit Megan and to see Jenae, who had come down from Chicago for a fashion show that included her work. The morning I was set to head home, I was supposed to go to the City Museum with Jenae and her parents, but I got super sick (I had gallstones, and ended up having my gallbladder removed – four years ago yesterday!) and didn’t get to go. I was really bummed, especially because Jenae’s photos looked so cool. But now, I’ve been!

On a Friday in April, Nathaniel and I flew to St. Louis for Megan’s wedding (which was super lovely, and we had a great time and I took almost no pictures). After the ceremony, we had a little bit of time before the reception, so we scooted to the City Museum (we had tried scooters for the first time the day before and… loved it?). The City Museum is mostly re-purposed architectural and industrial objects that you can climb all over and get lost in. On the third floor, though, is a “natural history section,” which I’m reading only now is relatively new. Also I just read, “If you get freaked out easily, you might not want to come.” Which – fine – is me. I was pretty overwhelmed at first. I had a backpack and my hair and makeup was all done for the wedding. But even though we didn’t climb and slide and squeeze through tiny tunnels, we had fun.