the photo journal + misc. news of Emma Kisiel

YEAR : 2015

Gifts Given & Christmas Morning

Christmastime in Oregon

Seattle & Sauvie

Driftwood Searchin

High Desert Museum

Thanksgiving in Bend

Bonneville Fish Hatchery

Oswald West State Park

Indian Beach: Happy Place

Halloween at the Zoo

City at Night / Dan & Jes’s Wedding

Linn Humane Society

The Pumpkin Patch

Halloweentown & Other Places

Paxton Gate

Film Scans – Lucas & Lawrence

Audubon Society + Sauvie Island


The Zoo

Astoria + Cape Disappointment

Catching Up to September

Indian Beach

Crescent Beach

Last Days in Lawrence

The Interim, Part 2

To Oregon / The Interim, Part 1

Wild Animal Safari

Film Scans – PA & WNY

Colorado by iPhone

Video from the Oregon Coast/Ode to Kansas

Missouri Ozarks Camping

High Water

A Short Trip to Colorado

Weird Lucas

Memorial Day Weekend in Lucas

Things from My Grandma’s

The Museum at Rolling Hills Zoo

Rolling Hills Zoo, Mushroom Rock, & Lindsborg

Art Updates

Pictures from My Grandma’s

Some Thoughts, on my Birthday

Around Home + to St. Louis

SE KS: Chanute’s Safari Museum, Mildred, & Anderson County

WNY, Surprising My Mom

Something Strange Found Exploring

Misc. New Orleans & Heading Home

Audubon Insectarium

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Abita Mystery House

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Driving South / To Memphis

Secret Beach & the Wetlands

Dan & Jes, Part 2

Dan & Jes, Part 1

To North Carolina

Neosho Falls & Perry

Valentine’s Weekend


Denver Museum of Nature & Science

OR/CO by iPhone

Ocean Lee

Oregon Coast, Part 3

Oregon Coast, Part 2

Oregon Coast, Part 1

Christmas in the Forest