This was Tim and Emily’s Beach Day at Pacific Beach in WA and it was so much fun. We were really looking forward to going, but we couldn’t find anywhere to sleep on Saturday night (and we didn’t want to drive 3.5 hours each way in one day). But then Emily super generously offered a couple options, so we decided to do it. On Saturday we drove to Aberdeen/Hoquiam and spent the night in our tent in Emily’s dad’s backyard. And we spent the first day of August surfing for the (Nat’s and my) first time! It was a truly incredible experience. We woke up and drove to Emily’s brother-in-law’s surf shop in Seabrook, and he hooked us all up with wetsuits and boards (boogie for me, surf for Nat and Tim, and SUP for Emily), and then we drove out to the beach and got a quick lesson.

I remember I could think of nothing except the fact that it felt otherworldly out. It was so foggy and the light was surreal and the five of us just walked into the ocean. It was amazing! I loved being able to walk out and stand so far out, and I loved being in the ocean in a wetsuit. There were birds flying above me, and I’d look up and around at the ocean all around me, and I was just laughing and smiling. And then the rest of the day was just so awesome, we made food and hung out on the beach for hours (it was pretty cold and the sun didn’t come out until after we left), and Nat and Tim and Emily went out in the water again in the afternoon. An excellent beach day. I would love to do it again next summer.