I think it was when I was in college in Baltimore that Nat and Ian (my boyfriend at the time and my best friend) went to Bishop Castle south of Colorado Springs. I had never heard of it before, and I was so bummed they went without me! Ever since then I’ve wanted to go. It became part of my plan for Dan’s birthday, since the May Museum is in south Colorado Springs anyway. We both loved it! You can walk around anywhere you want, including to the top of the castle’s two spires. It was really windy – and super scary! But it was also exhilarating, being up so high and holding onto just little iron railings and letting the wind whip you around. I’ve heard that the creator of the castle, Jim Bishop, regular stands outside shouting his “message” into a megaphone. He wasn’t when we were there. He was sitting outside the makeshift gift shop (the gift shop and an outbuilding were destroyed in a fire in March), looking really forlorn. I remembered that I had seen on the website a few days earlier that his wife, Phoebe, had died on August 19, the week before we were there 😔

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