Back in April, my good friend Ian and his partner Angie biked to the top of a mountain and signed their marriage license – in Colorado that means you’re married! They planned a celebration for a few months later and I couldn’t wait to go. At the end of August, Nat and I flew to Denver for a long weekend and got to see my parents (and their new place in Longmont) and my sister and her boyfriend (and their new house in Longmont, and their new puppy!) and all of Nat’s family, and then we partied with Ian and Angie’s family and friends. Before the party, they had a barbecue at their house with just families, which my family and I kinda crashed (I brought Louie’s Pizza, though, which Ian lives just blocks away from?!). I fell in love with their little kitten. And then I didn’t take a single picture at their party! It was a blast. I spent all of the next day recuperating at Nat’s parents’ house, hence all these photos of their property that we love so much.

Also, Dan and I got tattoos together! One of my gifts from him at Christmastime last year was that I could choose his first tattoo and get tattooed with him. I picked out some art by Hiller Goodspeed and he decided on these illustrations that we’ve always loved. Haley, who I’ve gone to for almost all of my tattoos since I lived in Denver, tattooed us both. In August Dan had a show of his art at a spot he loves in Denver, and I was able to see that right before it came down! He sold out all of his pieces the first night! He’s amazing. I’m so happy I could spend the entire day of his 31st birthday with him – those pictures next.