February was plain awful. It was an all-around bad month, and we got more snow last night.  I’m desperate for springtime; I’m getting just as tired as you probably are of pictures of snow and ice and dead, wintry trees. These pictures are from Saturday at the Riverfront, looking for the coyotes (who are gone! The river melted and I was too late to see them unfrozen) but I found all these stick-cicles instead. Kinda cool-looking. I couldn’t tell if Cody was eager to get to where the coyotes used to be or just to get in the water. He misses swimming. And other pictures from a couple of weeks before. The ice was neat then, too, in really thin sheets at the river’s edge like frozen plastic wrap.

I made the difficult decision last week to withdraw from school for the semester. I’ll miss taking Wednesdays off from work (to do schoolwork, but also to walk Cody in the daylight hours and get other [wedding] things done), but things will go back to relatively normal after I get back from SPE next week. Stoked to leave for tropical Baltimore Wednesday!

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