I’ve had a little 5-item Big Cartel shop for about a year and a half, and I have fun ordering prints and books for people now and then.  I recently took the time to think about my experiences with selling things from my shop and reevaluate my pricing.  After creating an extensive spreadsheet breaking down production and shipping costs, I’m happy I got to round out some numbers–paperback books are $25 and hardcover books are $35, $45, or $90 depending on the book (the $90 book is quite big; that’s probably why it’s so expensive to make, but it is gorgeous).  There are PDFs of the books in each shop listing so you can see what the inside looks like.  Prints remain $30 for an 8×10″ and $50 for an 11×14″.  I’m always on the lookout for more reasonable ways to make books and the most archival ways to make prints, so if you’ve got any tips, let me know!  Someday when I’ve got time to spare, I’d like to try out some new print services.

For consistency, I re-photographed all my books and made a new image representing some of the prints that can be ordered from my most recent projects.  You can order a print of any image on my portfolio website–or my Flickr, for that matter, if you just send me an email!  It can take about two weeks for your order to arrive.  All books and prints are signed by me.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported the shop.  I’m really glad to be able to offer lower prices now.