Dan and I got back from Baltimore Sunday morning. We had been there since Wednesday, hanging out with my best friend and roommate from when I was living there, Jenae, and her family and listening to talks on photography and exploring old haunts of mine. We went to Hampden first thing and had King’s Pizza, and that night just hung out in our conjoined rooms drinking wine and talking for hours. (Jenae is fantastic. I’ve missed that girl so much.) Thursday, we went to the BMA, Fell’s Point, and Federal Hill and had lunch at Sofi’s Crepes and dinner at Maisy’s in Charles Village. Then Jenae dropped us off at the conference. It was so great to see friends and instructors I had at MICA, my favorite instructor from UCD, people Dan and I have met at conferences in the past, and artists I’ve corresponded with because of Muybridge’s Horse.

Saturday night, we went to the MICA Open House. It was really cool to see all the changes they’ve made since I was there, and, man, the emotions when I saw that Robert Rauschenberg in the Bunting Center, my old drawing classroom, the photo crib, and the lawn outside the Fox Building where I sat my first night there as a freshman feeling awesome. The Graduate Studio Center looks amazing. It was good to have fun times in Baltimore and see MICA in a different light. A good note to end that part of my life on, at least for a long time.