Nat and I got home from Dallas in the morning, and in the afternoon my parents arrived from Bend, where they had spent the previous two nights (they drove from Colorado). We got dinner in our neighborhood and that was it, since Nat and I had to work in the morning. I worked half days so I could spend time with my parents – the first day we got lunch and went to the Mount Angel Abbey Museum, and the second day we went to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. My mom made her famous salmon patties and the four of us played Nat’s favorite board game of all time, Creature Castle, and then Nat’s parents got in to town! As a big group on the morning of Thanksgiving, we went for a walk at Tryon Creek, then did a puzzle at home while our delicious meal cooked. The day after Thanksgiving, we… went and did something exciting that I won’t talk about yet, and then drove to the coast, where mostly we just ate. We went to the movies and saw Lady Bird (Nat’s uncle was the production designer!), did some antique shopping, and ate leftovers, and my parents started their drive back to Colorado in the morning.

With Nat’s parents we did a very wet walk on Sauvie Island, went to PAM to see the LAIKA exhibition, played more Creature Castle, and spent the last evening sitting at home with library books doing research about… something. I’ll talk about it next time ☺