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Day One 2017 at the Coast


















For the first day of the new year, even with a very late start having been out until 1 or 2 the night before, we drove to the coast. We walked down Arcadia Beach with our dog, sat down and drank little bottles of champagne, and had a good dinner in Cannon Beach. It’s been two years now, and a tradition we want to continue.

This Year in Art Things











I had been looking forward to 2016 for months, since I knew several big things relating to my art were set to happen. In February, I flew to LA to give a talk about my work and Muybridge’s Horse at the Annenberg Space for Photography. That was an amazing opportunity, and we had such a good time (Nat and I met Katie and Dan there); I still think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. (You can watch my lecture here!)

May through August, pieces from At Rest and Cher Ami were exhibited in a three-person show, Young Voices Sing to Creation at Wesley Theological Seminary’s Dadian Gallery in DC (pictures from the Henry Luce III Center for Arts and Religion’s website and Flickr). All three artists were former MICA students, and the curator of the show a MICA faculty member (who was told about my work by a colleague, my academic advisor in the short time I was at MICA years ago!). I had planned to make it out to DC for the show’s reception in July, but it didn’t work out. A longtime family friend was able to go and see it, though; I think he sent my folks a picture :)

In September, something that had been in the works since the summer of 2014 arrived in my mailbox. This past month, I was finally able to sit down and thoroughly read this wonderful book I’m a part of with many artists and writers I admire, Mourning Animals: Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death. I am so honored to have photographs and writing included in its pages, and my fox from At Rest on its cover. This book is such a special part of the past few years. I still can’t get over it.

Honestly, my favorite aspect of all of this has been the connections I have made with other people. While reading Mourning Animals, I kept telling Nathaniel how cool it was to be reading a book about the one thing I am really interested in, a book that exists because other people, lots of other people, are interested in this, too. And passionate about it. I met people after my lecture and I heard from people while my work was up in DC who just made me feel so excited to be doing what I’m doing and to be a part of something that matters. To have met and connected with so many amazing people (mostly women!) involved in photography and art and animals, and thoughtfully examining animals + death, I feel very fortunate. In that regard, it’s been a good year, and I think next year’s gonna be a good one, too.

Christmas / Issaquah

When we sent out our holiday cards (pictured; made from one of the embroidered photos I’ve been doing since the summer), I made a note to my cousins in Issaquah that we didn’t have any solid plans for Christmas and we’d love to see them. They sweetly invited us up, so Nat and I opened our gifts at home Friday night. He made me a forest, since I recently got my own office at work and lost the giant windows of my old workspace, and he knows winter is tough for me. It’s a music box, and it plays You Are My Sunshine. I sobbed for about five minutes after opening it. All I made him was another volume in our endless series of “year books,” 2010 and 2011 😉 I did spend about a hundred hours putting it together, but it’s still not as cool as handmade trees that play the song that’s so close to my heart.

My cousins’ house/neighborhood is gorgeous, and their kids are so great. They had so much fun playing with Cody over the two days we spent there (bless that dog, I had forgotten how much I love him for playing so well with kids, and following me around a big house wherever I go). I was pretty pleased with the gift of “Chubby Puppies” that we had gotten the girls, since the thing they wanted most was a puppy. Christmas evening, we went out and saw Star Wars. The first one I’d ever intentionally watched, and I actually made it through! (I only fell asleep for about five minutes.)

I somehow didn’t take my camera out of my bag the whole time! So these are all iPhone photos. As good as the camera is, I hope this is the last time I have to go through and upload photos in a way so different from my normal process. Routine oriented for life. Off to write my 2017 goals now!