The first neighborhood cookie exchange that was hosted at our house, plus some general our-house-at-Christmastime photos. We had to take down our wall art in the living room since it was all clustered around the corner where we put the tree. I really missed it, so I printed “winter” art by some of my favorite artists and taped it to the wall. I love the way this space looks! Our tree is really missing ornaments along the bottom, but I don’t mind since the mantle is my domain anyway :)

Anyway, the cookie exchange. Our immediate neighbors had hosted it for many years, but since they were going to be getting back from Europe right before Christmas, they decided to skip it this year. At another neighbor’s impromptu tree-lighting ceremony (my street is seriously so wonderful), I half-seriously offered to hold it in their place this year. Two other lovely people on my street said they’d be my co-hosts, and it ended up being… so fun and adorable? I was so pleased that a bunch of neighbors and friends came and we had so many cookies, we had to bring in another table! I can’t believe this sweet little community I’ve gained the past year living here. I’m so, so happy about it.