My dad got in to town on a Wednesday night, and on Thursday he got right to work. He and Nathaniel worked with our neighbor and his dad to remove a bunch of gnarly vegetation between our two backyards and tear down the fence that was in bad shape. We went to the movies that night (saw Hereditary – holy cow, the most disturbing movie I have seen in a long time – I loved it!) and on Friday afternoon we went to pick up the RV. While we were gone Saturday-Friday, Nathaniel and our neighbor did a ton of work! I came home to a nearly completed backyard fence. I had a day alone with my dad while Nat went to work – photos from my phone of the Japanese Garden and the rose garden and the balloon festival. When I went back to work the next week, Nat and my dad finished the fence and the gate. We went to the Mexican place in our neighborhood with Elsie and hung out in the backyard. My dad is a hit with all my animals. On his last night in town, he and I went to the garden center to pick out roses and other plants. And then the morning of his flight, we went back to buy everything and he helped us put it in the ground! So helpful. He’s welcome back any time :)