Just a few more things to note in this last post about the house (for now), since I didn’t really get to show details in the others.
• The front door creates these amazing rainbows in the living room at a certain point in the afternoons, and it reminds me of my apartment in Denver (the first place Nat and I ever lived in together), where the prism-cut glass windows high up would create rainbows all over the place, and that makes me so happy.
• Probably the very coolest (albeit not very glamorous) change we’ve made to the house/thing about owning your own house is that we (Nat) cut a hole in the dining room wall and installed a cat door so the cats’ litter box is in the garage. I suppose one could wonder why we didn’t just install a cat door in the door to the garage – the answer is that the litter box is in its own large tub, so the cat door leads to essentially the cats’ tiny “litter box room,” a plastic tub with a lid on it. We obviously do everything we can to avoid one being able to tell there’s a litter box at our residence. (Also, you can see the white floor in these pictures.) Oh – and the cats’ food is up high so the dog can’t access it!
• Our fence on one side is what you might call a hot mess! That gate is barely hanging on there (in fact, the day we got the keys the whole gate was just on the ground). Our neighbors on that side are great (all our neighbors are great!) and we’re going to work on a new fence together over the next couple weeks!

The biggest surprise in all of this is the relief I feel knowing this space is my own. I didn’t realize until we moved in to this house and started getting set up that I had never really felt like I could put roots down anywhere while renting, especially in the Portland area. I was always certain our rent would go up and we wouldn’t be able to afford it, or we’d have to leave because the owners wanted to live in the house again. But now, on top of being able to paint and pull up carpet and change landscaping and cut a dang hole in a wall, I can frame art knowing it can stay where I put it forever, and I can buy furniture of weird dimensions knowing we don’t have to worry about whether or not it’ll work in our next place in a year or two. I’m so happy. I love being this home’s owner.