We were definitely late to the eclipse game; we decided pretty last-minute (about a month beforehand) that we would just try to get into the band of totality the morning of. There’s a cemetery in Salem that has a nice, secluded pet cemetery, and I thought that would be a good bet for a non-crowded spot for the event. We were certain we’d have to start the drive super early, but we ended up leaving around 6:30 and getting down to Salem (a 45-minute drive) by 8:15. There were only a few small groups of people in the cemetery, and no one near us (except a group of maintenance guys that ended up being really cute to watch and listen to during totality).

I think the coolest part of the eclipse was how much the light changed. It was bizarrely dull and desaturated; it really isn’t captured well in my photos. The eclipse itself was incredible, but it was just so cool to look around and feel like it was nighttime, in terms of both light and temperature. And then it was over! The time difference between the four photos from the same point of view is 54 seconds, 8 seconds, and 9 seconds. I wished it could have stayed like that for hours. The crescent=shaped shadows were pretty neat, too.

Afterwards, we went up the road to an amazing “farm sale.” It was on this gorgeous property, inside outbuildings and a beautiful old house. There was so much taxidermy and a HUGE pigeon that I fell in love with. And then it took us about four and a half hours to get home in traffic. Thanks to Nat for driving while I slept like a rock!

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