It’s been almost a month since I posted here… since it’s been nearly eight weeks since I picked up my camera. We haven’t been doing much other than packing up and cleaning our old house, saying goodbye to the beautiful yard, getting everything into our new house and trying to make sense of it all in a different and much bigger space, and making lots of trips to IKEA. We did take my dad out to eat lots of places, and he was a huge help in getting us packed and moved and unpacked. With him, we also went to Astoria and Fort Stevens and the beach (and before that, there were days petting alpacas and visiting Sauvie Island mixed in, too).

I’m behind on so much (sooo many emails) but at least I don’t have a daunting backlog of photos to process. These are all from my phone. Not included: the dozens of Snapchat photos and videos we made. My dad was seriously cracking up! It was one of my favorite things that happened this year.