For my birthday, we went to Silverton and Silver Falls AND THEN MY HUSBAND TOOK ME ROLLER SKATING. Silverton is super cute, and I got to learn eeeven more about Bobbie the Wonder Dog, with whom I am a little bit obsessed. I want to go to Silverton’s Pet Parade in honor of him in a couple weekends. Silver Falls is beautiful, but we somehow misunderstood what trails dogs are allowed on, so we didn’t get to do much of a hike with Cody.

Monday I went to work, and when I came home Nathaniel had chocolate covered strawberries that his mom ordered for me ? and this birdhouse that Nat made for me!! When I was a kid someone in my family painted a birdhouse like this, and when my parents moved my dad gave it to me. When Nat and I moved from Lawrence, we forgot to take it from a tree in the backyard, and I was super bummed about it. So Nat made this one to look like it, with a clear panel on the back so we can hang it from a window and watch birds inside ? I love it. He is the best.

I’d been wanting to go roller skating for years–I think the whole time we lived near Kansas City. Nat planned this as a surprise. We went during a live pipe organ session; the pipework for the organ is mounted on a platform hanging over the skate floor, and it’s so neat. (Even though I am not good,) I can’t wait to go again.