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Not a ton of pictures, but some from a couple of new-to-us spots in Oswald West State Park. We did this trail out to an incredible viewpoint in some insane wind and nearly blew right off the side of a cliff. Then we walked down to Short Sand Beach, which is in my opinion not a beach that’s fun to go to in the winter. But we’ll surely be back in the summer to get in the water as it seems like a perfect spot.

Tomorrow we’re heading down to Bend to spend Thanksgiving, our fourth year in a row away from “home.” I keep thinking about how this time last year we were in New York! We spent Thanksgiving day at Ellis Island :( Nat’s video, sigh. But some family is coming towards us for the next round of holidays, so we’re really looking forward to that :)

Also, I’ve been using Instagram again, so find me there for daily iPhone photos. Lots of cats, some of a new vehicle I might love but currently have mixed feelings about…