We made it to Colorado! We arrived in the Forest Sunday night and we’ve been hanging out here, waiting to head to Oregon for our two-week stay next week. For a long while, I was terrified for this whole move, but lately I don’t feel much of anything. Maybe I just feel ready, and I’m thankful for that.¬†Making Oregon our home has been Nat’s and my dream since we started planning our first trip there in the spring of 2011. We considered moving there right from Denver but we decided to move to Kansas instead, both since it was more financially responsible and because… we wanted another life adventure so we didn’t arrive in Oregon, where we’re confident we want to be for a long, long time, and regret not having tried living anywhere else (because we didn’t want to risk getting there and saying “now what?”).

We’ve loved living in Kansas, even though life there didn’t turn out the way we’d planned. We’ve got no regrets, and relocating to Oregon feels in a way like life is starting. Maybe it’s just that this is such a big change for us and it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for almost half our life together. It’s been so enriching living in Kansas, a new region for both of us, a new US timezone (three down for me; one to go!). Being centrally located, we’ve been able to see a great chunk of this part of the country and travel so much, to Chicago, St. Louis, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, New York, Memphis, New Orleans. With the jobs we gained early on, we were able to not only save but pay off my student debt and do things almost every weekend. We explored a lot of Kansas and¬†were surprised by how happy we were on the prairie.

We got engaged and we got married while we lived in Kansas. We lived in our first house, got a dog, got a boat. We fell in love with the Wetlands, Perry Lake, the secret beach, Lucas and Wilson Lake, Weston and Applefest, Neosho Falls, the late-summer sunflowers, and tons of antique stores. I will really, really miss my reloved KU Natural History Museum. But I’m ready for this! I mean, watch that finally-completed video of our trip to the Oregon Coast at Christmastime. How can we not at least try to make a life an hour and a half away from all that glory?