I was supposed to be in school/doing lots of reading and homework the weekend of Valentine’s Day (and every other weekend, ever), but I dropped out! I totally withdrew! Quit the thing we moved to Kansas for! Which, yeah, doesn’t feel totally awesome, but does mean that we get to do fun things with the rest of our time here. Anyway, Nat and I hadn’t made plans for the weekend and then the weekend came and we quickly decided to try Airbnb and stay in Lucas, Kansas, where Nat took me the weekend he asked me to marry him. We’d wanted to go back before we move away, and now we want to go back again, when it’s warmer, cos we love that little town.

We had a 4-bedroom house all to ourselves. It’s right across the street from Garden of Eden (which I somehow took almost no pictures of last time?); it was supposedly built for one of the sons of S.P. Dinsmoor, the creator of the Garden, in the 1920s. I love the house’s history, and it’s really beautiful inside and out. The hardwood floors and high ceilings and modern, minimal decoration made me want to move in, and I really think we’ll try to stay there again this summer with friends. Hopefully they won’t mind sleeping in a house next to this (and Dinsmoor himself; his body’s entombed on the Garden’s property!). I loved it.

We made fondue and watched Take Shelter (my Valentine’s Day present from N) and Punch Drunk Love and Broken Flowers, walked around and explored by car (it was really, really cold out), and visited the Garden. From Lucas, we spent a little bit of time at Wilson Lake, drove to see the suitcase tombstone in Lincoln (And hey! See here my Roadside America tip/photo! Why is this so exciting?), then stopped by Rock City on the way home. Rock City is cool! I never even gave it much thought until it was between that and Mushroom Rock, and Mushroom Rock was on the wrong side of 70 for us this time.

Other things: There were a bunch of dead birds on the Garden of Eden property. Mostly starlings, who it really looked like just got so cold they fell off a tree branch and died.
I could have sworn it was a dead bird hanging from one of the concrete angels on Dinsmoor’s mausoleum, and sure enough, our tour guide confirmed it! So weird.
For Valentine’s, I made Nat Kitten named Woof and the puppy friend, because of this. I’ve been watching the cartoons and they are TOO CUTE.
Some iPhone pictures thrown in there. I’ve been taking a lot lately; don’t know why. Maybe I got used to it not using my SLR for the month I was recovering from surgery.
Lots of links in this post! Oh and just so many pictures of my dog.

Since there was never a post with photos from January, see the pictures here