Our last day before heading inland to spend time looking at places to live, we explored Newport, Devils Churn, and Heceta Head. Newport was really lovely and I’m so glad we spent the night there and didn’t drive right through it in the dark. We got coffee there and watched sea lions, but skipped the two lighthouses nearby. Then we stopped at Devils Churn, “a trench in the basalt where incoming waves funnel landward only to explode into a shower of salt spray.” It was somehow not described as a “must stop” in my guidebook, which is insane because it was one of the coolest things we saw on the coast. (The guidebook, by the way, was Oregon Coast Access Guide by Kenn Oberrecht. It was so helpful.) The next and last stop was Heceta Head. It was the big destination of our whole coastal drive and it was worth the hype. I loved the lighthouse and light keeper’s house that’s now a bed and breakfast. We didn’t get to see inside anything because of the season, but we walked around the gorgeous beach for a while and then drove to Eugene for dinner, then Salem for the night.

I only took a few pictures in Portland and a few more in Colorado (mostly of Ocean in the day we got to spend a little more time with him), and then it was time to drive home and for me to get ready for surgery and for school. I’ve been recovering the past week and I had Aubrey here for a few days, which was amazing, and I’m dreading going to school and back to work but life goes on. Of course I’m already looking forward to the next trip–New Orleans in March.

All the pictures from December and the Oregon trip here