We’re back from Colorado > Oregon > Colorado. I’m working on the pictures I made while we were away whenever I can find the time and I may be processing them/posting them forever. We tried to see as many friends/family as we could and it was a good holiday. My sister met us at the natural history museum one day, and on Christmas Eve I got a surprise message from some friends I hadn’t been in touch with since I graduated from high school and we all got to meet up, which was really cool. Nathaniel and I finally got to meet Therese and Garett’s new baby, Ocean, and give him the gift I made for him. My parents sent awesome gifts from PA.

For the first time ever, Nat and I ended up making each other the same thing for our gift (a hippopotamus for Christmas, since he HAD NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE [but I found out a lot of people haven’t?]). We made little books of our wedding pictures for both our families and they were a hit (and I happened to check the other day and see that the feature we had answered some questions about our wedding for a while ago was posted; you can see it here).

Colorado’s had tons of snow lately and the night before our flight to Portland was particularly snowy. Nat’s parents decided it would be best to get us a hotel room near the airport versus try to drive us there in the morning (thanks, guys!). Everything travel-wise went smoothly and it was an awesome trip. As much anxiety as I get whenever I see how everyone wants to move to Oregon right now (my coworker just sent me this a minute ago), I’m excited about the prospect of living there someday soon. Northwest pictures coming up shortly…