Making archival prints of our wedding photos and putting them together in an album was super important to me even before our wedding day. I felt really strongly about having a traditional album, like my parents’, with actual prints matted instead of pictures printed on a page like the “wedding books” that are popular today (there have been several times when I wanted to digitize an image from my parents’ wedding, or they needed a scan of one for something, and I loved being able to slide a mat out of the album and handle this actual print made years and years ago).

I was surprised that what we were looking for was difficult to find, not being an established wedding photographer with a login for the types of places that create these “slip-in” albums. I actually found the place we ended up using early on in my research but initially wasn’t confident in them because I couldn’t really figure out what I needed to get/what I was getting before I emailed back and forth with them. But this place even had an album with a brown leather cover, which Nat and I both really wanted, with a photo window. I had imagined the album with white mats/inserts, but since they don’t exist without gold accents, we got black on black. We’re really happy with what we chose.

The album is from Midwest Photographic and the prints of Levi’s photos are from Picture Salon (I was a little put off by their website at first but they make nice giclee prints!). I raced to set up and take these pictures one day after work and thanks to daylight saving time (which, yep, I just looked back, I talk about hating every year) it was pretty much dark out by the time I was through. You can tell how much the light changed in those ten minutes through these photos, ha ha.