I am really happy to share that I was a winner of a website makeover from Squarespace through their partnership with Feature Shoot, and Feature Shoot posted before and after pictures and some words about it this afternoon.

If you know me at all, you know I love websites. I have three of my own and they have all undergone big changes over the years. I think being an artist at this time is incredibly exciting if only for the role the internet plays in sharing and exhibiting work. My experience with Squarespace has been awesome and I truly love my new site design. I treated this makeover as motivation to look closely at the images I’ve been making for my new series over the last year and a half and present them carefully processed, edited, and sequenced. See them at emmakisiel.com. Thank you to Feature Shoot (and to Squarespace) for the opportunity!!



Northern Flicker, from the series Another Death

Iguana, from the series Another Death

Elk, from the series Another Death

From Another Death

Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Montague Island), from the

The Field Museum (Glacier Bay National Park), from the series Gl

From Glass Eyes Staring Yonder