We got a boat! So on the fourth we took it out to Perry Lake, where Michael and Ian met us. We grilled and swam and tubed and fished and boated and walked our favorite trail as much as we could without getting swallowed whole by greenery. Our boat is small and Perry Lake is big with lots of larger boats, so we mostly stayed in our little cove where we like to set up and just chugged around. We were wrong about fireworks that night (they were on the fifth! Who does that when the holiday is so close to the weekend already?) but while we were all driving home in a caravan the fireworks in Lawrence went off over our cars the whole way into town. It was a really good day.

The following Sunday, Nat and I took the boat to the “fishing lake” to try some more fishing and get the boat moving more and faster on a lake with less traffic. It was so fun! We caught nine fish! I caught seven of them! We also saw a GIANT snapping turtle on the way to the lake (iPhone photos because I stupidly left my memory card in the computer. But I am pretty paranoid about bringing my SLR on a boat in the middle of a lake).

And with that–I’m caught up! My evenings and days off lately have been filled with website-rebuilding, so I’ve got that to share soon… (you can actually see my new site now, at