I don’t typically take my camera out at Disney World, so here are mostly a bunch of iPhone pictures. Since both my parents and Nat’s parents went to Disney World on their honeymoon, we figured we’d keep up the tradition. Like a couple of dorks, we got really into pin trading (all of the animals for me, nearly every Haunted Mansion one for Nat), and bought hats (ears?) and had our names embroidered on them. We stayed at the Port Orleans Resort, so we tried beignets (mediocre) and generally ate just the most terribly unhealthy food there is for three days.

We went to all the parks and rode almost every ride. We waited in line for an hour for the brand new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride and, because we wanted to stay at Magic Kingdom right up until they closed, rode the Barnstormer over and over again since there was almost no one else on it (it is probably the most Emma-friendly roller coaster, geared towards “preschoolers and kids,” and I still wouldn’t put my hands in the air because I am a baby). It was a really fun trip. I love being married to someone who is silly and brave, who encourages me to challenge myself (Space Mountain! Gotta do it every time!) but supports me equally, who does my favorite, kiddie rides with me and goes on the scary rides alone, who will spend more than I’m willing to admit trying to win a Toy Story alien from a claw machine and walk away laughing with me (then buy it from his phone so it’s waiting for us when we get home).

We flew back to Colorado on a Thursday and left for home Saturday, so the last of the Colorado pictures up next.