Three years ago today, Nathaniel and I were driving through Oregon and Idaho on our way back home to Denver from our trip to the Pacific Northwest. We drove (because we love to and) so I could make photographs of roadkill animals for my thesis project and we had an amazing time stopping wherever we liked and camping and staying in dingy hotels. We stayed with my cousin in Portland and visited Nat’s family in Seattle. It’s one of our favorite trips to date.

The Northwest and Oregon in particular is where we have wanted to end up for as long as I can remember. I stole that “Oregon is for Lovers” bag from my sister when I was about 15, the University of Washington was one of the schools I applied to when I was in high school, and I was close to transferring to PNCA in Portland my sophomore year at MICA (I’d still never really been west of the Rockies then, and I’ll never forget the email I got from PNCA telling me, “Keep your eye on the mail and start looking west”), but I decided to move to Denver instead. I don’t really know where we stand with our future right now. I say “I” because we moved to Kansas so I could go to graduate school, and now that plan has changed. I may go back in the fall, and for a program that only lasts one year, or I may not go back at all. But it looks like Oregon may be happening sooner than we thought. And although it feels like we just made a big move not too long ago, these days I dream daily about packing up and heading to the Northwest.