I’m surprised by how often I’ve found myself thinking about Baltimore since I booked my trip there for SPE last week. In the four years since I moved back to the west from Baltimore, I have tried not to think about it at all. It’s easy to remember the hard parts, why I left, and how dark of a place I felt the city was toward the end of my time there. But the past week, I have been feeling pretty excited to go back, at least for certain things and places I loved while I was studying at MICA. Hampden was always a safe haven for me. From the first weeks of living there to the last, it was definitely the place I ventured to most. I spent so many hours there photographing, alone or with friends, walking up the giant hill from the light rail stop and wandering through alleys looking for (and always finding) strange things (like rats screaming and fighting inside a trash can). I am pretty stoked to have a slice of King’s Pizza again.

These images are scans of color prints I made during the spring of 2009.