I recently decided to make some changes to how I was sharing my photos and my art updates, and I’ve have been working on this new space with my friend Dan Garza (who developed Muybridge’s Horse and my portfolio website) for a little while now. It’s awesome. Try it on your iPhone, or your iPad. Image-based archives are the love of my life.

So here you’ll find my Antlered blogspot content plus other things. Essentially, this space is the new combination of my personal photo blog and my art blog, which had moved to the “personal” category in Muybridge’s Horse, and there will be elaborations on the type of short updates I post on my portfolio’s “news” page. That sounds like just a big jumble of explanation, but it was a necessary change (boy, does it feel good to have all three of my sites on the same platform). And as someone who has valued the visual documentation and organization of the happenings in my life since first starting to use the internet, I’m really happy about the way Antlered will now look and function.

Also, I’m stepping up my use of capitalization like an actual adult in one of my last remaining internet spheres where I type like a 14-year-old. I really do care about such things. Just a lowercase rebel at heart.