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I’m pretty bummed about the tiny amount of pictures I’ve made so far this year. I started grad school this month and I feel spread entirely too thin right now. Tonight and tomorrow are my first weekend meetings (I have to go to them once a month) so hopefully things will settle down a little starting next week and I’ll feel like I can go places and do fun things on the weekends again.

Last weekend, Nat and I went to the River Market in Kansas City. We ate delicious sandwiches at Bloom and collected lots of little things at the Antique Mall for our wedding (the living room became a drying room for vintage hankies).  We also saw Her (at the Plaza!  Can’t remember the last time we were there).  And some pictures from home, of my homemade carrot cake (more like a bread) and collecting sticks and checking out frozen coyotes by the riverfront, since the ice has been melting.

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