The only photographs I’ve made lately are of my cats curled up in my blankets. I was sick all weekend and stayed inside working on Christmas gifts and other things to get ready for the drive to Pennsylvania tomorrow. These days, the thought of this blog going post-less for two weeks makes me sad, so here’s another space-filler of pictures.

A huge part of my personality is looking back. I frequently visit my old LiveJournal to see what I was doing three, five, eight years ago right about now. Mostly I’m looking at snapshots of my daily life (on film; I had 4×6 prints made of every roll I shot, scanned each picture, and posted it online. There are about 15,000 of my terribly low resolution film scans in various Photobucket and ImageShack accounts). Sometimes I bring up discs of my high school artwork to remember what I was seeing then.

This is the portfolio I created for The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2006. Such a long time ago. This was the first time I really put together a series of my pictures, and it seemed so foreign to me at the time to work that way. I remember that the “theme” of my portfolio was “the individual.” These photos were made between 2004 and 2006.