I’m wrapping up my posts about Italy with the last part of our trip, Venice. I had to step back for a bit because our families’ homes were in danger of being affected by the Black Forest Fire that began on Tuesday of last week. It’s been pretty hectic since then and my being at an event for work in Golden, CO, actually didn’t make matters easier. Anyway, I figure I’d better post these pictures while everything we did is still fresh in my mind!

Our first night in Venice, we caught up with Nathaniel’s sister’s boyfriend who was meeting us there and went to dinner (some of the best food we had all along). The water level rose all evening and when we left the restaurant we had to walk to our apartment barefoot. I thought this was all fun and silly until I found out days later the status of the water we were walking in with our bare feet…


The “street” our apartment was on. Somehow it got by me that Venice really is all waterways? There’s nothing else like it.


We spent our first full day in Venice at the Rialto Market. I loved it!



For lunch, we had the absolute best pizza ever at Antico Forno. I don’t believe in thin-crust, crackery pizza, and I was surprised to find this thick, fluffy good stuff in Italy after days of some sauce and some cheese on a crunchy crust.


The next day, we went to St. Mark’s Square. The basilica was one of my favorite places (churches) from the whole trip. Check out pictures of the ceiling.



Then we were off to Padova by train the next morning. I wasn’t expecting much there but I actually really loved it. A lot was closed because it was Monday, but we walked to a museum and saw Scrovengi’s Chapel and then went to the Basilica of St. Anthony. I loved both of these churches! They really were some of my favorites (we saw a lot), but, again, no photos allowed inside.





The next day was one of the best days of the whole trip. We went to Murano, where glass is made, and Burano, where lace is made.


We went to Murano first and watched a glassblowing demo. Nathaniel’s sister was chosen to try blowing some glass! Then we ate at this place called Jumanji Pizza, which was in the equivalent of a shopping mall, and got back on the vaporetto to Burano.


We got off a stop early and walked through this awesome vineyard scattered with roses.


Burano is one of the cutest places in the world. I love its brightly colored houses and shopfronts.


There were so many stray cats.


Something great we saw on the ride home :)


Our last day in Venice, we went on a gondola ride! I was super sick by then but it was so awesome. I saw a rat! It was so cute! I heard it was snatched up by a seagull a few moments later. The animal street life in Italy is brutal.


I guess I wasn’t adventurous enough to veer away from pizza, lasagna, and ravioli on the trip, but most of the time this worked out pretty well for me.


Our last night, Boh and I just went for a nice, quiet walk as a storm came on.

We had such a good time. It was definitely a trip that I’ll always remember. I’d wanted to visit Italy for a long, long time, and the fact that my future in-laws brought me along and took care of me is something I am so grateful for.

For all 600+ images (and that’s edited down), go to my Italy set on Flickr.

I’ll be posting something about our complicated situation with the fire back home soon.