We got back from our trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice late Friday night. Does it go without saying that we had an amazing time?! I got a bad cold our last few days there, so I’ve been trying to recover and get back into the swing of things at home, but I did get around to processing the group of pictures from our first part of the trip, Rome.


Nathaniel’s and my flight got in Sunday morning. I had never been on a transatlantic flight before, and I was impressed. We ate an awesome dinner with a complementary cup of wine and watched Cloud Atlas until we tried to fall asleep, unsuccessfully. Nat’s parents and sister had already been in Rome a couple of days, so our first day in was catching up with them on the sights. These are the Spanish Steps! (I was pretty much on a Talented Mr. Ripley tour of Italy for a little bit there.)







I loved our sweet, bright apartment.


The next day, we went to Vatican City, where I took lots of touristy photos of the inside of St. Peter’s Basilica.



We went to the Vatican Museums and, of course, went in the Sistine Chapel (no photos allowed). My favorite part was these rooms of animal artworks that were roped off!


Ended the day with the best pistachio gelato.


Our third day, we took the train to Assisi (after missing our first train, haha)! It was my favorite part of the Rome portion of the trip. Even though we got rained on a lot, it is so beautiful there. I did not expect to go somewhere like this while I was in Rome. It’s like a sleepy, gorgeous country town, that’s really hilly.





So much pizza for dinner at the apartment


The next day, we went to the Borghese Gallery, but I didn’t take a lot of pictures because there are no photos allowed inside. Also this day, we went to the Capuchin Crypt! There were no pictures allowed there either but it was really one of the coolest, most interesting places I’ve ever been.


These are some of the best sandwiches we ate, though.


And octopus salad at dinner!


Our last day in Rome, we went to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.




Then home-cooked dinner (well, our leftovers) at the apartment on our last night. We took a train to Florence for the day early the next morning!

There are A LOT, just so many more in my Italy set on Flickr. I’ll be adding all the trip photos to it as I get through them, and making posts about Florence and Venice next!