It’s not quite the right time to talk about the fire yet, but here are some pictures from my time in Colorado earlier this month. I had to go to Golden for a training event for work, and I was sitting in a classroom when I found out about the fire. I spent some time in Denver and then went down to the Springs to go to my cousin’s wedding reception with my family. My parents had five out-of-town visitors, were just about to put their house on the market, and were scrambling to get things together for the big community garage sale that ended up being cancelled due to the fire (and pack up my mom–she made the move to Pittsburgh last week!) so it was a really hectic, busy time. For father’s day, all ten of us went to Garden of the Gods to hang out at the “secret spot” that was family’s when my sister and I were growing up. My dad used to take us there, I swear, every weekend. Things have really changed around there since then.

And that potato cat of mine that has been living with my parents her whole life is now coming to live with me and Nat, and Dean and Moon and Cody, once my parents’ house sells. She hates just about everyone and everything but me, so it’s gonna be a blast.

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