We spent last weekend outside, working on our fence and our yard. Based on appearances, the fence on the sides of our yard is kind of a disaster. You can see in one picture the original fence, and then what we added to keep Cody from being able to climb it and get into our neighbors’ yards. It’s definitely not pretty but with no cooperation from our property manager, we’re pretty happy with that we got done. We also discovered a robin’s nest on our garage, with three eggs inside. So sweet.

On Mother’s Day, we took my friend a lilac bouquet and talked to her about watching over our house. Can’t believe we leave for Italy Saturday!
Then we took a really nice walk at the Lawrence Nature Park.
We moved our bed to beneath our window, and I think it’s gonna make summer so nice.
Monday night, we made a fire out of all the sticks laying around our yard. There was an unbelievable amount that we were getting really tired of Cody picking up and running and smacking you hard in the legs with, plus we cut a giant dead branch off of one of our trees. We made s’mores, of course.
I found/heard a big toad moving around in one of my planters! And that downed robin’s egg was at the off-leash dog park, not at our house.
I’ve had to bring Cody to work a couple of days because Nat’s been working different hours. I never really noticed how much he groans and sighs and stretches when he’s sleeping. Yesterday, one of the people I work with brought in two of her Blue Heeler/Mini Australian Shepherd puppies that she is trying to find homes for! We got absolutely nothing done from that point until the end of the day.

Really just making sure I have all my images processed and uploaded so I can get straight to posting pictures from ITALY when we get back! Highlights I’m looking forward to:

1. The Colosseum, only a few blocks away from our apartment
2. Capuchin Crypt
3. Pigeons
4. La Specola in Florence
5. A beach
6. The most food I’ve ever eaten in probably my whole life
7. 9-10 hour flights (not)

Be back in June!

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