The place where we want to have our wedding has buffaloes; Cody likes to sit on the cats’ beds
I found a skull I cannot identify on a Burcham Park walk; we raked up 13 yard waste bags’ worth of oak leaves from our backyard
I saw a turtle trying to cross the road on my way home from work one afternoon, took it home, read about it, and promptly returned it to (the other side of the road) where I found it (turtles have strong homing instincts!); my coworker brought me flowers on my birthday
Nathaniel brought Stephanie to my work after he picked her up from the airport (and surprised me with having taken the day off from work) and gave me my present, a leather bracelet he made (!!!); my sweet birthday loots, I am very loved
Orscheln’s has DUCKLINGS now, too; some wildflowers from a Wetlands walk on Sunday

For my birthday, Stephanie came to visit and we ate a lot, watched some good movies and some bad movies, got me measured for my wedding dress, lost my dog when he ran away chasing deer at the off-leash dog park, got massages, and had lots of good conversations. I’m really happy to see that I can move away and not see my friends for months at a time and still have great, meaningful talks and visits with them. Also, this year was my first birthday without Facebook! So it was kind of funny to see who remembered and who didn’t, ha ha.

And an artist whose work I follow ( was doing drawings to help raise money for a women’s medical fund. I asked her to draw this old picture of me and Nathaniel in a parking lot in Seattle :)