Last weekend, Ipacked my pup in my car and took off for St. Louis to visit my best friend of all time. We met when we were in third grade but Megan and her family moved to St. Louis-area when we were in sixth. We’ve seen each other a handful of times since then, but now we are only less than five hours apart, the closest we’ve been since she lived down the street from me and we spent our days running into ditches with our water guns to hide from passing cars and performing operations on our stuffed animals. It was so good to see her. We talked and talked and talked. We went on the Anheuser-Busch brewery tour, visited the zoo even though it was pouring rain, had an awesome dinner at Blueberry Hill, and stayed up late watching our favorite movies from when we were kids. I headed out Easter morning.

Cody and I came home to a guy with a plan for Easter grilling, so we all sat out in the yard enjoying Sunday. We ended the night with a Skype date with Nat’s family. Having your grandpa offer you cake through a video chat is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Sidenote: N’s mom made those rabbits–in our wedding colors :)