It seems like March is a crazy month every year and there’s always so much I want to do. Conferences, openings and gallery events, and of course there’s that feeling that it’s spring break, a perfect opportunity to be out photographing, that I might never shake.

Beginning this month, I have pieces in three shows:

The Magic of Light at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT (March 1 – 27). PhotoPlace creates a print-on-demand book for each of their exhibitions. You can preview and purchase the exhibition catalog for The Magic of Light on Blurb. It’s an excellent selection of works that was juried by the lovely Aline Smithson.

PhotoSpiva 2013 in Joplin, MO (March 9 – May 5). Joplin is only a few hours’ drive from me, but I wasn’t able to make it to the juror’s lecture and awards ceremony since it was on a Friday evening. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by an email the next morning that I had been awarded the Merit Award! I’m really happy to have been a part of PhotoSpiva this year. Their website and application process were some of the best I’ve encountered so far.

Tales They Told Us at Lexington Art League in Lexington, KY (March 22 – May 12). I’m really going to try to see the show at the end of this month, and drag my best friend who I’ll be visiting in St. Louis on an impromptu road trip with me. (They’ll also have The Association for Creative Zoology on view the same dates.)

The Magic of Light and Tales They Told Us are the first times I am showing some of my new work, Cher Ami.

Another great surprise was pulling Shots, a magazine I love, out of my mailbox and seeing a photograph of mine inside. You don’t know if your work was selected until you get the issue! So that’s kind of fun. The issue’s theme is Creatures, and it features some really outstanding work by artists I’m looking forward to reading up on. There’s also an interview with Roger Ballen, who, let’s be honest, is in just about everyone’s Top 10.

Starting last year, I made it a goal to, even if I do literally nothing else photo-related all year, at least attend the national SPE conference every March. Last year in San Francisco was so much fun. But I wasn’t able to make that happen this year, and that’s okay. I made it to my regional conference in the fall (well, my old region), and I’m committed to going to my (new) region’s conference in Lincoln, NE, this fall. Next year’s national conference is in Baltimore! It’s important for me to go to that conference and see Baltimore for the first time since moving away in 2009. It will be good.

Lastly, I’m currently working with my best friend who’s a very talented web designer on rebuilding my portfolio website. I’m really excited to be able to have larger images and a better way to view them, as well as a place to park and display my in-progress series. I’ve had my portfolio website at since 2004 when I was fifteen years old… and I’m finally making the move to have my first and last names in my website url. Sounds smart, right? Ha ha.

Shots No. 119 – Creatures – Spring 2013

Me and Daniel on the pier in San Francisco after last year’s SPE conference. Lookin cool.