For his 24th, I got Nathaniel a bulletin board for his garage so he can keep track of all the receipts for parts he’s buying to restore his VW Rabbit, a gift certificate so he can go open account to rent movies here in town, and a tour of Boulevard Brewery. I also made him this amazing Oreo/cream cheese cake (literally all I did was smash up some Oreos, mix them with a bar of cream cheese, spread it into a pan, and pour melted chocolate on top. Delicious). He brought pizza to me at work and we had lunch in the truck at the fishing lake. And tacos for dinner. Saturday we did the tour and it was very cool! Then we ate lots of tasty fried food at The Brick in KC. He says it was a good birthday. We are obviously very healthy eaters.

We’re having a blast talking wedding and looking at wedding stuff in our free time. I honestly didn’t expect it’d be this much fun.

One of our very best friends from home is visiting this weekend, and next I am driving to St. Louis to see my childhood best friend and best girl of all time. Italy in less than nine weeks!

Looking forward to warmer weather here in KS, but instead we’re getting more and more snow. I just want baseball season to start but in the mean time people here are C R A Z Y about basketball. Who’d’ve thought?