Sometimes, you’ve just got to take those abandoned house pictures like you did when you were 14.

On my plate these days:

• House hunting
• Finally becoming a dog-owner, in the most responsible, conscious, well-thought-out way I swear is possible
• What feels like an ever changing status of my seeing Morrissey perform one last time (Denver? Lincoln?  Now, finally and happily, the very town where I live, in February)
• A Thanksgiving trip to Chicago, just me and Boh
• An incredible makeover for the site at which I blog contemporary animal-interested artists and -related issues. I came to the realization at SPE earlier this month that after almost four years with a Blogger URL, this is something I want to take seriously and really pursue on the same level as my art career. My amazing web designer best friend, Dan, is pioneering this for me, and I am so super excited to unveil the results early next year.

As always, I am gushy emotional this Thanksgiving over how grateful I am for my friends and family. It’s a little tough really living away from home for the first time, but time is flying. I can’t believe we’ve been living in Kansas for almost four months already.