Last weekend, N and I celebrated six years together. We consistently make each other something for every anniversary, Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc. (Just some of the things I’ve made here). This year I made Nat Meap (with a Velcro mustache) from Phineas and Ferb, which is his absolute favorite thing since he discovered it on Instant Netflix. While I was rinsing out my hair color and getting ready for the day, Nat snuck out to get me flowers (sunflowers, always) and breakfast. We checked out the Kemper Museum and had lunch at the Rozzelle Court (which we love) at the Nelson-Atkins and spent as much time as we could at the River Market Antique Mall before going to the movies. We ended the night of our sixth second with fondue, another tradition.

Labor Day, Nat made us pancakes (so much eating) and we headed for the lake, only for a bit since it was 100 degrees out. Nat’s gift for me was us making the new, Kansas-themed background of the gift I made for him for our anniversary last year. This one is better than all the ones I made :) He also got us this awesome bowl at the River Market to finally fill the plate hanger his mom got me and he got me a light-up globe! I have wanted a special globe for a long time. I had to have it when I saw it at the antique mall.

I am so blessed to have had this wonderful man as my best friend the past half-dozen years. Anniversaries are so fun, if only for looking back on all the time we’ve spent together. N and I both started work this week, both in towns a ways away from Lawrence, so we’re both feeling a combination of accomplishment and rest-ready. I think this weekend will be filled with sunflower field searching and hanging out in Lawrence. And eating Pizza Shuttle, which is without a doubt the best thing we have discovered about this town so far.