Over the past four weeks, N and I have traveled to the Bahamas (where we laid on beautiful beaches, snorkeled so much and saw the most amazing creatures, caught and ate lots of fish, explored what felt like our own private island, got terribly sunburned, and swam with sharks and big rays) and taken a tiny plane from there to Disney World (where we rode every ride in every park, ate the best food all the time, and got rained on for an entire day) with his family, photographed a wedding, packed and cleaned up our beloved first apartment together in Denver, driven for ten and a half hours to Lawrence, Kansas, made this beautiful new apartment our home, applied for lots of jobs, and watched lots of movies. Today, I have finally felt settled enough to work on some pictures for the first time in over a month, which felt amazing. I’ve made it through all the pictures from our vacation in Abaco, and now I’m onto a little bit of processing and editing of the wedding pictures… Anyway, this pictures is from the beach right by the house where we were staying the afternoon Nat and I arrived. It was unreal.















We took a our boat ride into the ocean, where we snorkeled and caught 35 fish between all of us! Our boat captain took us out to an island he seemed to own, where we walked and swam around while he cooked all the fish we caught for lunch. It was by far my favorite part of the Bahamas. We also got to drive around a golf cart that came with the house. And our big pink house was awesome.

In other news, I’ve unplugged myself from Instagram, too, Moon hates car rides, the natural history museum I pretty much moved us here for is still amazing, Kansas has beautiful landscapes and is full of bugs, and Lawrence is adorable and has great shopping and some good food. I will be posting more pictures here now that I have internet and solid list of places where I’ve applied to work. If Teen Mom season 3 doesn’t get in the way (why, Netflix?).

To see a whole lot more pictures, go to July!