I’ve been taking more pictures than I’ve had time to process lately. I have hundreds of pictures from my trip to San Francisco to go through, so in the meantime, here are some catch-up pictures. Late February, the drive to Durango to help my sister move to Colorado Springs. Also the flea market with my parents and sister.











And Dean reluctantly sharing his Ikea toy bed with Luca, before Luca moved away to go live with Jeff.

I am no longer working a second job, and I had some very valued time off before going to San Francisco. Now I am trying to think very seriously about my future (grad school? moving away?) before continuing to dive into job postings, applications, resumes, cover letters, portfolios, interviews, ugh.

Nathaniel has two jobs, one of which is very adult and pays well and Iam so proud of him. Even though he often has to wake up at 5am. I’m still very proud and happy.

We have another cat, Moon. We knew for a long time that we weren’t providing the right home for Luca, so we had been visiting the shelter regularly and fell in love with Moon, which is when we knew it was time to make a move on Luca’s situation. After Luca moved out, Moon moved in, and we love him and he is perfect.

Lots of pictures coming soon.

February pictures